Search for Wedding Vendors in India

No one can work alone in the world. We need to join hands if we want to spread more and faster. Wedding Services is also spreading its wings in different cities of the country and in other counties very soon.

If you think that wedding related business is your interest or you are marketing expert or you have a good team who can do the marketing of the services then you are the right person to join the hands.

No big investment required, no office required. We will train your people, provide all technical support, after sale support, marketing plan, documents required to start the business etc.

If you are intested to be our franchisee in any city of your choice then submit the brief profile of yours, city name, how much maximum investment you can do in this project, what are your expectations from this business.

You can earn with us as full time or partime. There is no need to work full time. You can work part time as well. The working can be in online mode or offline mode.

Submit your details on or WhatsApp or call on +91 9810849501 for futher process.

Our team will contact you very  soon.


Wedding Service Team

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