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Everyone works for commercials where we take so many things from this society. After certain period of time we need to return something to the society as well. There are many organizations who are helping the poor girls and boys through "परिचय सम्मलेन" where lot of people gift the items to settle the life of two people. Wedding Services also encourage the social activities in multiple ways.

Every organization who is working in social cause cannot invest huge money in Information Technology to manage the records of the people who have applied for the marriage activities by social organiation. They need to invest a good amount of money in dynamic portal development. We have given very special offer for such organizations, we will manage all your data of the society members, photogallery of the marriage, download the forms, resumes of the candidates with search on our portal by providing a sub domain on this portal just for Rs. 2500 per year. Whatever features you need to manage such marriages we will provide you in same price with need of any domain name.


We also invite the resumes from such candidates directly on our official email ID so that we can help the girls and boys who are not finding their suitable partners. We will help such girls and boys to match with the partners by setting the interview in different cities of the country.



We also invite the people who want to help such people via some media and return something to the society. You can call us on +91 9212578877 or WhatsApp +91 8800360849 so that our team can contact your and keep in touch whenever some support is required for someone. You can also email us on




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