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Best food for wedding

  Best food for wedding

Indian weddings are best undoubtedly , adding more charm for wedding is everybody’s  favorite food ,making everyone satisfied,so live food stall evaluating the vide of entire food area in wedding ,listing some unique food stalls for wedding ceremony & also cocktails counter

1. Fancy Ice Cream Parlour

In ever wedding considering children to old people who attend to wedding always love with icecream ,its is a unique to serving icecream like liquid nitrogen & cool stone icecream this attract attention of all the guest 

2. Tandoori & Barbecue Counter

This specif food can bring different vide at wedding with the hot and spicyness of tandoori ,with paneer chicken with live counter all can enjoy eating the food



This waffle have unique ad this is desert menu which spread whole world, beacuse freshly cooked waffle and served with different flavors with verity of topping can massive taste accract the people more 

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