Wedding Stories


What flashes in front of your eyes when you hear the word bridal entry theme? The grand welcome of the beautiful bride for the grandeur wedding isn’t it? But is it easy to just do the grand entry of the bride?

In the olden days the bridal entry was with lots of music with the loved ones around and when it comes to the modern era it is with music but there are many more elements that have been created and added to make the bridal entry most special moment for both the bride and make the wedding even more special.

The first kind of bridal entry as well as for the entry of the groom is the baraat. Baraat is the loud music of drums, bands, pianos, and many more instruments. There were not so many instruments during the olden times but the music which the instruments used to make was loud enough to enjoy the wedding.

When it comes to Hindu and Muslim weddings people mostly prefer the baraat type of entry and when it comes to the Christian kind of wedding the bride walks down the aisle along with her father walking next to her and holy songs are sung while the entry.