Find your signature look:

  • Makeup consultation to find your wedding looks
  • Minimal looks for Haldi, Mehndi, and intimate functions at home.
  • Sultry Glam for date nights and special events 
  • Makeup for mothers, aunts, and cousins who want to look great for the wedding.
  • Photo-shoot makeup   
  • Designer makeup package: using Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Tom Ford, Pat McGrath labs, YSL, and more.
  • One-on-one makeup classes

“Makeup  is purely an enhancement of feature, not treachery.” Anais Nin, 1941.

My goal is to enhance your natural beauty, to capture the essence of the woman. It is to give you the confidence to make you walk a little taller and feel more graceful. 

I have a background in psychology. I’m an avid reader and writer, looking to bring out the poetry in you. Paying keen attention to detail, to your personality, your color palette, outfits, etc. A personalised makeup experience.

Indian weddings have so much charm, they are a hearty family affair.

Everyone is involved!

The little rituals you have at home which you’re clueless about, but you’re being photographed, these candid moments stay in frame forever from the pre-wedding photoshoots to your Wedding day.

Behind the scenes, the elders take most of the load off you, you’re pampered, cared for,  loved, and appreciated.

The dance rehearsals for 20 mins and chilling for the rest of the night, the talking and teasing, blushing and anticipating. Just being in the company of your loved ones.

Allow yourself to indulge in every bit of luxury for your wedding. 

I look forward to sharing my artistry with you .

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