Classic Convention

  • Beautiful spacious convention
  • Amazing atmosphere
  • All facilities available 
  • Parking available

Classic Convention is located at Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana and is easily accessible from all corners of Hyderabad city.  would be sure to make your wedding a memorable one for you and your guests. They offer you great amenities to cater to all your event requirements to make your wedding a successful gala. The halls and lawns, accommodating up to 5500 people, are perfect for weddings and large events. To create a memorable event, especially a wedding or wedding-related ceremonies, they offer you an ample venue space which ensures that your function for however big or small it may be conducted properly without any problem.Classic Convention Three makes sure that your wedding becomes an event of successful gala from all fronts. Rooms for guests are not available and it can be arranged in nearby hotels if the client prefers. Space preference is indoor, outdoor.

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